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What is SoliERP?

SoliERP is software that truly fits any business – from small businesses to enterprise. A small business can use just the features they need now and as they grow and expand, utilize the other features as the need arises.

SoliERP software provides a full accounting software package and all the other modules – CRM, Sales, WMS, Inventory Control, to name a few – that make it a complete business management software for any size business.

Top reasons companies choose SoliERP

  • Quickbooks not enough
  • Need Inventory Control
  • Price/ Value
  • Office365 Email Integration
  • Custom Report Generator

SOX & GAAP Compliant

Sarbones Oxley (SOX) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are the basis for accounting regulations.  If you want to be fiscally compliant, it is critical to follow these practices. SoliERP is built to meet the specifications of both standards.

Easy Custom Reports

Ever have to wait days or even weeks for a software company to program a custom report that you need? It’s time and money we didn’t think companies have to waste.  SoliERP comes with an easy to use custom report builder.  Anyone can quickly and easily create a report with any data in the system.


Access your company’s real-time information at any time from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.  Plus, SoliERP requires no additional equipment, hardware or expense to your company.  A simple per-user license grants each employee access via their current work devices.

Fully Responsive

SoliERP works on desktops, tablets, smartphones – any device that connects to the Internet.  Not everyone sits at a desk all day.  Today’s workforce is mobile and on the go.  Access the same information from all of your devices, wherever you are.  Keep salespeople, warehouse employees, anyone that might be using a mobile device, connected and informed.

Connect to Office365 or Gmail

Read, store and send email directly from SoliERP through our integrated connection.  You can attach any message to a customer, a contact, or a project.  Keep track of every communication that goes to or comes from your customers and vendors.

Controlled Workflow

With SoliERP, you can easily create and adjust workflows to fit your company’s processes.  Make sure activities happen in the order and with the correct permissions.  Streamline how your employees work, saving time and money.

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